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"Sharing God's Deep Gladness
in Renewing All Things."

Home Repair Ministry Projects


From Tuesday, June 27, 2023, through Friday, June 30, 2023 –

The demands at the Red Bank Food Pantry have outgrown what can be efficiently provided within the current facility. So, the effort will be to move the pantry to a new room that is closer to the point of distribution and double the amount of shelf space. The Home Repair Ministry will be working in partnership with Son Servants Short-Term Missions Ministry ( to relocate the Red Bank Food Pantry Facility at Red Bank United Methodist Church. 


The Home Repair Ministry will provide the leadership, planning and skill sets needed to direct the project. Son Servants will be providing a team of adult leaders, middle school students, and high school students (a team of 12 to 14) to help with the labor needs for disassembly of existing shelfs, relocation of materials and equipment from old room to new room, reassembly of shelves in the new room, and constructing new shelving. The Son Servants group will be a sub-group of students attending a short-term mission camp at Harrison Bay State Part. The students are coming from churches in Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida.


Any adults and/or youth from Mountain Fellowship that might be available and interested in any of the four days are welcome to come join the effort. Work will begin at 9 am and end around 3:30 pm each day. This should be a good project to support needs within the broader Red Bank community.  

For questions about HRM, contact:

Larry Parry (423) 432-8998 or Jacky Preslar (423) 802-6443.


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