"Sharing God's Deep Gladness in Renewing All Things." 

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms. 

1 Peter 4:10


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We are involved corporately and individually in various local and global ministries, from food drives that support many of our neighbors on Signal Mountain to campus ministers in Washington State and missionaries throughout the world. Our body seeks to be authentic in worship and in action and to love our neighbors well.

We have hopes and ambitions of the gospel breaking out of our church services, out of Sunday mornings, out of our building, out of us and breaking into the rest of the week, into our neighborhoods, schools, ball parks, workplaces, stores, restaurants and businesses - into the hearts of our neighbors, coworkers, friends and families. But we are young and not there yet. Our yearning to do more led to the creation of the Missions Committee. 

Missions Committee

The Missions Committee is responsible for Mountain Fellowship's investment in local, national and international missions. "Missions" is a line item in Mountain Fellowship’s annual budget now, and the Missions Committee is responsible for how the budgeted funds are used.  The Missions Committee Members are David Kesler (Chair), Will Dyer, Doug Hamill, Betsy Morton, Lizzie Schmidt, and Mary Anne Hertzog.


Our first priority as a Missions Committee was to develop criteria for the selection of individuals and organizations that we choose to support.  The criteria include:  a priority for our own people (e.g., Savannah Gorman); support of fewer candidates at higher levels of support; priority for those serving in strategic and/or under-served areas (including Western US); and must be under the oversight of a recognized mission-sending board. Prior to being approved for support, individual candidates must complete our application process and be interviewed by Committee members (frequently by Skype).


For agencies that we support, our preference is for local, Christian-based agencies that do not already have a broad base of support.  We also prefer agencies where we have members actively serving or volunteering.  Prior to being approved for support, individual candidates must complete our application process and be interviewed by Committee members (frequently by Skype). 


Locally, we provide regular monthly support to Signal Mountain Social Services and Bible in the Schools at Signal Mountain Middle and High School.  We have also made special gifts to LifeSpring Community Health over the past two years. 


Nationally, we support Nathaniel Thompson, RUF Pastor at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, and his wife Suzy and their family. 


Internationally, we support our own member, Savannah Gorman, who is presently serving in a youth ministry at the United Church of Bogota in Colombia. Mountain Fellowship also supports Stephen and Charity Jones and their family, who are serving in London with SERGE (formerly World Harvest). Additionally, we support Josh and Kristi, who are also serving with SERGE in a sensitive country. Marcy and Denise Atchley who are serving with TEAM in Greece and hoping to start a coffee house ministry in Athens; and Genti and Djana Shani who are serving with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) ministering to teachers and students in Albania.

Depending on the availability of funds, we also provide one-time support to missionaries and/or ministries that are in need, and we provide support to individuals and groups in our church who are participating in a short term mission trip.

As you can see, we are faithful in our role as a Missions Committee and also to the criteria we have set for supporting individuals and agencies.  Our "Missions" budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year is designated  and committed to continue supporting these individuals and agencies, as Mountain Fellowship strives to reach beyond our walls through sharing God's word in our outreach ministries. 

The Thompson Family

The Thompson Family

Nathaniel Thompson, is serving as RUF Pastor at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, along with his wife Suzy and their family.

Savannah Gorman

Savannah Gorman

Savannah Gorman is presently serving with our denomination’s international mission, Mission to the World, in a youth ministry at a church in Bogota, Colombia.

The Jones Family

The Jones Family

Stephen and Charity Jones and their family are serving in London with SERGE (formerly World Harvest).

X-Large Mission Trip

X-Large Mission Trip

In the Czech Republic, we will be helping with a fantastic youth camp that is organized by Element Church, a small evangelical Christian church in Hradec Králové. The camp has been going on for 10 years and is called "X-Large City Camp".


The current need at Signal Mountain Social Services for the month of September is peanut butter.

Please bring in your donation to place in the basket by the welcome table and help provide for our neighbors in need.