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"Sharing God's Deep Gladness in Renewing All Things."


 ~Student Fellowship Groups~
Will Resume Sunday, April 16.

~Camp Out this Friday evening, March 31~
Reach out to Jennifer to sign up or with questions (see contact information below).
Useful Links
Student Resources

Also just released today…the Bible Project has teamed up with The Holy Bible app to release a very cool daily walk through of Holy Week. Jesus’ humanity and great love for His people is on display. Consider using it for a devotional next week. You can access the short readings from the link above and download the app for even more animated videos, etc.

RYM just released the talks from last summer’s conference! (HS#2 - Brain Sorgenfrei) If you attended, you remember how impactful they were. Listen for the first time or listen again, and share them with friends and family for a totally refreshing glimpse of how God is making All Things New.

I started reading The Blue Book in high school, and I really appreciated the way it gave a little bit of structure to my devotional life but also left room for the scripture and the Holy Spirit to speak for themselves. It helped me figure out how to meditate on God’s word and how to incorporate other authors’ commentary and even worship music into my alone time with God. ~Gracen Ford

Parent Resources

Mountain Fellowship has zero tolerance for abuse in its programs and ministry activities. It is the responsibility of every employee/volunteer in children and youth ministries to act in the best interest of all minors in every program.


To view a copy of our Child Protection Policy and Procedures, please CLICK HERE.


If you have questions, concerns or complaints, please contact Jennifer Ford, Director of Student Discipleship (423) 304-4494 , David Schmidt, Deacon (423-463-1994) or Lane Ford, Elder (423-309-0900).  



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Questions about Student Ministry?
Contact Jennifer Ford
Director of Student Discipleship

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